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About Blackbox

Based in Singapore, BlackBox was set up with the philosophy that being specialists is really about driving solid boundary lines around the areas we recruit.  Focusing on one vertical brings with it an edge by virtue of being subject matter experts.  As a boutique business, we are adaptable - our agenda is driven by addressing the pain points of our clients within the compliance arena, which enable us to determine the area(s) where we can add the most value to their businesses.


Through years of working on our craft, we have something we feel is valuable: coaching companies and candidates on how to engage with each other, helping companies grow through acquisition of the right people while simultaneously accelerating careers.


We blend relationship-focused recruitment with innovative technology and social media to create an unparalleled specialist recruitment experience.

Compliance is a vertical within which geographical boundaries are less relevant, and we are committed to sourcing the best candidates for our clients.  We know we can deliver extraordinary results to clients and candidates because we are tuned into the international markets from one location, thereby offering unprecedented opportunities for idea generation for candidates and clients together whilst also being tapped into market intel.



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