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Vertical Alignment, depth, substance

BlackBox Compliance combines sourcing strategies to ensure market coverage through blending mapping of market talent, engaging an assessing best in class candidates together with social media awareness.  This approach ensures we drill down into the market through building long term trust, career counsel, market intel and ultimately accelerate careers.  Knowing the market means clients are reassured of choice and advice on where the high performers are located within competitors.  Concurrently, candidates are assured of our fresh market intelligence on which firms are hiring, role explanation and culture context, giving our network on candidates up to date market information in rapid time. 


We are global because we are agnostic on jurisdiction which gives our consultants an edge as they have relationships and access to talent unlimited by borders, however, we recognise the need for local regulatory policy knowledge in certain instances. 


In a world where corporations rate Compliance as their number one priority for running their business profitably and safely for the long term, the compliance career trajectory will continue to experience high demand, thereby creating more innovative recruitment solutions to find outstanding candidates.

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